Mail Act-On lets you automate

This is the second installment of my week of recommending GTD applications. If you want the other recommendations just click the tag “GTD“.

Mail Act-On has let me get a handle on my email. I was using some of the mail rules for already, and Mail Act-On has let me take it to the next step. I’ve been able to filter emails into appropriate folders so I don’t have to manually move them after reading. It’s been really handy, and helps me keep things in order, and more importantly, keep things ready for archiving.

So, for instance, I have all the emails coming inbound going to my “Macgasm” folder. I set up exceptions to send all the emails to to go into “Macgasm Tips”, and then emails notifying me of comments on the site going into a folder named “Macgasm Comments”. It’s been really easy to set up, and it lets me address emails en masse quite easily.

Mail Act-On takes that step a little bit further and lets you assign rules to both ingoing and outgoing emails, as well as set up hot keys to apply certain rules and actions to your inbox.

If you sent a ridiculous amount of email, and really want to cut down on the time you spend organizing it, I recommend Mail Act-On, it’s saved me a ton of time over the last week, and I’ll be continuing to use it for a long time–unless something better comes along.

Image Credit: Martin LaBar

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