Looking For An Adware Removal AppleScript?

Don’t kid yourself, Adware for the Mac is real, and it’s a giant, barely documented, pain in the ass. Thankfully for you, there are sites out there like The Safe Mac that have made it their mission to not only document Mac vulnerabilities, but also give you tutorials and steps to remove common adware bugs on your Mac.

The Safe Mac team has put together an AppleScript that will scan your computer for all known adware, and then remove the associated files on the fly. The script will put everything it removes into the Trash, so you can manually double check if it falsely flagged something and deleted it.

I can hear you scoffing. Trust me, you should probably run this thing. You never know what may have schemed its way on to your Mac.

The best part is that this solution is an AppleScript. That means you can take a peek at what it’s doing, or even tweak it to your needs should you have the skill set.  It’s worth checking out and running the removal script.  It found something called Jollywallet on my Mac. What’s it going to find on yours?

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