Want To Block iMessage Contacts In OS X Mavericks? Here’s How.

Last week we showed you how to block “assholes” from contacting you on your iPhone, and this week we’ll show you how to block iMessage spammers on the Mac. Apple added this ability with the release of OS X Mavericks late last year, though it is a bit buried within the OS.

Blocking iMessage Contacts In OS X Mavericks

 To start, fire up the Messages app on your Mac and look towards your Mac’s toolbar. From here, click on the Messages button, and from the drop down menu, click on the Preferences button.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 4.12.41 PM

From the Preferences window, click on the Accounts tab located towards the top of the menu. Now look towards the center of the screen and click on your iMessage username. Towards the center of the screen you will now see a button labeled Blocked. Click into this menu and you will be able to block people from your Address Book from iMessaging you by pressing the “plus” button that’s located towards the bottom of the window.

That’s all there is to it! Now sit back, relax, and enjoy a spam-free iMessage inbox on your Mac.

Via: MacObserver

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