World’s ‘Smartest’ Hearing Aid Launches Today, ‘ReSound LiNX’ Made For iPhone

A device who’s creators herald it as the “world’s smartest hearing aid” launched today. The ReSound LiNX is the very first hearing aid to have been certified by Apple and to bare the official “Made for iPhone” slogan.

The ReSound LiNX is a hearing aid that intelligently pairs with a user’s iPhone to bring never before seen functionality to the hearing aid market. The device connects to the user’s iPhone over bluetooth and is then controllable through a “LiNX” companion app for iOS, giving users the power to control their hearing aid entirely from within the iPhone app.

One cool feature is the option to setup geofencing environment profiles. This means that a user can create a number of different audio settings for say work, home, a restaurant, or anywhere else they frequently visit, and thanks to GPS, the device will automatically switch to the proper sound settings whenever they enter that environment.

The hearing aid also functions as a bluetooth speaker, so users can listen to music, make Facetime calls, watch movies etc… all while having the sound play directly through their ear.

Other hearing aids require the wearer to carry a separate tool for controlling its settings, while the ReSound LiNX simply packs all of that right into your phone.

The company behind the product, GN ReSound, will be distributing the device through a global network of audiologists. If you want more information on how you can get your hands on one, you can sign up for the company’s product mailing list here.

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