Apple Delivers iOS 17.4 Public Beta 1

Apple Delivers iOS 17.4 Public Beta 1

The iOS 17.4 Public Beta is here, and it’s a treasure chest of features that we’re eager to tell you about. Let’s not waste any time and go straight to the meaty part of what this update will bring to the table.

Special Treats for EU Users

First off, for our friends in the EU, this update comes with changes to comply with new European regulations:

  • More App Stores on the Block: This is huge! Now, you’ve got more places to download your apps from, not just the App Store. Plus, developers get a better deal on fees for apps sold through the App Store.
  • Choose How You Pay: Inside apps, you’ll see new payment options popping up. This is great for developers who’ll save on some fees, and great for you with more ways to pay.
  • Browser Bonanza: Tired of Safari? iOS 17.4 lets you switch it up and set a new default browser from a list of popular ones. Chrome, Firefox, or Edge? The choice is yours.
  • NFC Opens Up: Those quick tap-and-go payments just got more flexible. Third-party apps can now use the iPhone’s NFC chip, making contactless payments a breeze with any app.

Global Goodies

And for everyone around the globe, these updates are sure to spice up your iPhone experience:

  • Emoji Explosion: The emoji library is bursting with newcomers, from an adorable donkey to a melting face. These little guys are perfect for jazzing up your chats and making your messages stand out.
  • Siri Steps Up: Siri is now even better at sending your messages without confirmation, saving you time. Plus, it can read your incoming messages in different languages, making sure you don’t miss a beat.
  • Tuned-Up Podcasts and Music Apps: The “Listen Now” tab has been rebranded to “Home,” simplifying your audio journey. The Podcasts app now comes with transcripts, a neat feature that provides lyrics for your podcasts.
  • Safari’s Spacious Search Bar: Searching in Safari just got more comfortable with a bigger URL/search bar. No more squinting or misspellings when you’re on the hunt for something online.
  • Lock Down Your Device: The Stolen Device Protection settings now offer more robust features to keep your iPhone safe, especially when you’re worried it might have fallen into the wrong hands.
  • CarPlay’s New Era: CarPlay introduces new apps that let you adjust your car’s settings, from the AC to music, right from your dashboard. It reminds me of a smart home but for your car.
  • SharePlay Joins the Party: SharePlay is now available on HomePod and Apple TV, making it super easy for everyone to add their favorite tracks to the queue during a get-together.
  • Live Stopwatch: The Stopwatch in the Clock app now features Live Activity, making it super accessible from your Lock Screen. Perfect for keeping an eye on your cooking or workout times without unlocking your phone.

In Conclusion

iOS 17.4 Public Beta is shaping up to be a pretty sweet update, with something in store for everyone, whether you’re in the EU or cruising around elsewhere in the world. From new ways to pay and browse to fresh emojis and app updates it’s an update bursting with features to make your iPhone work better for you.

Catch you on the next update, and happy exploring with iOS 17.4 Public Beta!

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