Apple Rolls Out 3rd Betas for iOS 17.4, WatchOS 10.4 and macOS 14.4

Apple Rolls Out 3rd Betas for iOS 17.4, WatchOS 10.4 and macOS 14.4

So, Apple’s been busy cooking up some cool updates for our gadgets, and here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming with already 3rd betas. Let’s break it down without all the tech jargon and see what these updates are all about.

What’s New in iOS 17.4

Here’s a quick look at iOS 17.4 beta – it’s packed with stuff you’re gonna want to check out:

  • Apple Playing Nice with EU: As previously reported – iOS 17.4 is rolling out the red carpet for third-party app stores and giving more browser choices, all thanks to the Digital Markets Act.
  • Gamer’s Delight: iOS 17.4 is making it way easier for game-streaming apps to get in on the action. This means more games, more fun, and less hassle for us gamers.
  • App Makeovers: Some of your fave apps are getting a facelift. Podcasts are easier to follow with transcripts, Apple News is smoother to navigate, and the Health app is tracking your fitness game even better.
  • Icon Glow-Up: Notice something different? The Home Screen & App Library icon got a fresh look, and the Apple TV remote icon in the Control Center is sleeker. It’s the little things, right?.
  • Battery Life for Days: iOS 17.4 introduces energy-saving measures to keep your phone running longer. So, whether you’re binge-watching, gaming, or just scrolling, your battery won’t bail on you.
  • Everyone’s Invited: With new VoiceOver features, iOS 17.4 is making sure everyone can get in on the action, no matter what. Accessibility for the win.
  • Make It Yours: Now you can tweak your home screen more than ever before. Widgets, layout – go nuts and make it truly yours.
  • Lock It Down: Last but not least, iOS 17.4 is putting a steel vault around your security. From beefed-up Find My to tighter privacy controls, your iPhone is like Fort Knox.

Before you jump into all these cool updates, a quick heads up – always back up your device before updating to the latest beta. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

WatchOS 10.4 Beta 3

Switching to the latest from the Apple Watch front, here’s the rundown of features and updates that may stir up some excitement:

  • Emoji Extravaganza: Get ready to spice up your wrist chats with over 100 new emojis coming your way. From a zesty lime to a mythical phoenix, expressing yourself just got a whole lot more fun. And for those nuanced conversations, the shaking head “yes” and “no” emojis are here to add that extra layer of expression​​​​.
  • Vision Pro Harmony: For those who are all about the Apple ecosystem, watchOS 10.4 introduces a slick feature for Vision Pro users. Say goodbye to accidental double taps – with the new “Ignore Double Tap” setting, your watch and Vision Pro will play nice, ensuring a seamless experience across devices​​.
  • Siri’s New Tricks: Interacting with Siri is easier than ever. Just say “Siri” (no “Hey” needed) and you’re good to go. Plus, Siri’s now multilingual, reading your incoming messages in a variety of languages. A handy update for those of us with a global circle​​.
  • Timer UI Refresh: It’s the little things that count, and the updated Timer UI adds a polished touch to your timekeeping. Whether you’re timing your workouts or your perfect cup of tea, do it in style​​.

Beta versions can be a bit rough around the edges, so if your Apple Watch is your daily driver, you might want to hold off until the official release. Keep your eyes peeled for the official drop of watchOS 10.4, expected to make its grand entrance in March.  But if you’re feeling adventurous, the watchOS 10.4 beta is there for the taking.

What’s New in macOS 14.4 Beta 3

As we inch closer to spring, Apple’s not forgetting about the macOS with Sonoma 14.4 beta. This update appears to be small with subtle tweaks to your Mac experience. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect:

  • Emoji Galore: Get ready to add a splash of fun to your chats with over 100 new emojis. This fresh batch includes everything from diverse skin tones and gender variants to whimsical additions like a lime and a phoenix. It’s all about expressing yourself more vividly and creatively​​​​.
  • Timers Get Tonal: If you’ve been enjoying the multiple timer support in macOS Sonoma, you’re in for a treat. macOS 14.4 expands your options, allowing any timer to be paired with the full spectrum of available ringtones. It’s a small change that adds a nice personal touch to your alerts​​.
  • Apple Music and Podcasts Update: Notice something different? The “Listen Now” tab has been rebranded as “Home,” a subtle shift that reflects Apple’s efforts to streamline and improve user navigation within its ecosystem​​.

If you’re eager to explore, consider installing the beta on a secondary device to keep your main setup safe and sound.

Parting Word

Wrapping up, the latest beta versions for iOS, watchOS, and macOS are hinting at some pretty cool updates that’ll make using your Apple devices even more fun and personalized. From new options on your iPhone, fresh emojis to spice up conversations on your Apple Watch, to subtle yet useful tweaks on your Mac, there’s a little something for everyone to look forward to. Remember, these are still in the beta phase, so expect some changes and improvements by the time they officially roll out. Keep an eye out for these updates, and get ready to upgrade your Apple experience!

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