Unique, Functional iPhone 4 Prototype Appears On eBay

A unique Apple iPhone 4 prototype has popped up on eBay. The model is N90AP, which is an iPhone 4 and features a different logo on the back than the traditional Apple logo we are all familiar with. This iPhone is functional and the current bid is up to US$4,500.

The eBay description says this iPhone prototype has a storage capacity of 32GB. The back panel is not screwed to the shell of the device, like the final retail version of the iPhone 4. It also uses a back clamp system but the seller notes that it has broken off so the back panel falls off easily.

All parts of the iPhone are the original prototype parts except for the battery, which Apple removed. The seller replaced it with an OEM iPhone battery. It still turns on and is operational, but it only runs Apple’s test software suite known as Switchboard. Prototypes like these are usually disabled by Apple, but this one, for whatever reason, still works.

So if you’re interested in this collector’s item, head over to eBay to place your bid. Or if you have $10,000 lying around and want to make sure you get this iPhone 4 prototype, you can contact the seller to buy it outright.

Source: eBay and 9to5Mac via iMore
Image Credit: eBay

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