Samsung Converts iPhone Owner To A Galaxy S4 Fan In Just One Plane Ride In New Ad

If there are two things that Samsung wants to prove in its new ad, it would be that the Galaxy S4 is way cooler than the iPhone, and that iPhone users sure love their ginger ale.

Samsung’s new ad pokes fun at the “simplicity” of Apple’s iPhone, while showing off the unique features of its Galaxy S4. It stars a Galaxy owner who, on one plane ride, is able to convert his iPhone bearing neighbor to a fully-fledged Samsung fan, simply by showing off features like the S4’s ability to pause videos when users look away. It also focuses on how simple it is to switch from the iPhone over to the S4 thanks to Samsung’s Smart Switch feature.

The ad doesn’t really show much as to why the S4’s better than the iPhone, except the one simple video pausing feature which can be largely considered as just a gimmick. Instead it mostly tries to make the iPhone user seem like that one person you would not want to be.

The ad does get one thing right though, I do appreciate a nice ginger ale.

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