New Windows Phone Ad Shows How Its Better Than iPhone, Makes You Feel Awkward

Microsoft has released a new video in its series of “Meet Your Match” advertisements featuring the Windows Phone pit against Android and iPhones. In this video, Microsoft has focused on showing off their Live Tile feature and how it makes for a much better experience than using an iPhone.

While I think the Windows Phone Live Tiles are actually pretty awesome and one of the phone’s best features, this ad they’ve shown it off in is terrible. Microsoft has gone with the seemingly poor decision of using real reactions from real people rather than faking reactions from actors. Each person the phone is showed off to seems as though they couldn’t care less about what they’re being shown and that they would all rather be at home surfing their iPads. Their occasional forced attempts at enthusiasm make me hope I never see this type of ad again for as long as I live.

Microsoft has stated that its marketing plans for Windows Phone and Windows 8 are huge. Hopefully it gets better than this.

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