Moto Maker Lets You Import Contacts And Calendar Directly From iCloud

If you’ve been thinking of switching from iPhone to Android, Google has added a new feature to its Moto Maker website to help make it easier.

After you finish customizing and ordering your Moto X on the Moto Maker site, there is now an option to import your contacts and calendar entries directly from iCloud.

Simply put in your iCloud e-mail and password and Google will start converting the information over to its servers. When your new Moto X arrives at your door, all your iCloud contacts and calendar events will be ready to go.

While Motorola and Samsung’s phones have had migration features like this for a while, it’s cool to be able to do it online and before your phone even arrives. Motorola says it also plans to expand the functionality to more than just contacts and calendar in the future.

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