Mophie releases Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 4


Mophie has released their new ultimate power tool, the Juice Pack Plus. Ideal for all the power users out there who just cannot be without their phone.

The Juice Pack is the best and biggest battery they have available and will more than double your battery life. The pack still comes surrounded with the usual soft rubber protective casing and you can of course still sync with it on.

There are a couple of nifty little features as well. The pack has a standby/charging switch that you can toggle so that you only use the Juice Pack when you need it. There is also the LED status indicator, which tells you how much power you have left and also shows the charging status.

The case design apparently also acts as a virtual speaker box to improve the sound quality. It redirects the sound from the bottom of the iPhone to the front.

The Juice Pack Plus will set you back $99.95 and is available in five colours: black, yellow, purple, magenta and cyan. There is a back order for the cyan colour though.

Article Via Cult Of Mac

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