Man Steals iPhone Right Out Of Child’s Hand In London Clothing Store

Crimes involving Apple products have been on the rise lately, but a new event has brought this to an all-time low for Apple thieves. A man in Lancashire, England, recently stole an iPhone right out of a child’s hands, according to the Sun.

Twenty-month-old Luella Reid was out shopping with her mother, Danielle Hinnigan, and was watching “Barney the Friendly Dinosaur” on her mother’s iPhone while she shopped a few feet away. During this time a man was seen, and caught on camera, approaching the stroller that she sat in and quickly snatching the iPhone and calmly walking away.

When Luella’s mother returned and saw the iPhone was missing she assumed it had just been dropped, but store security cameras say otherwise. “I thought maybe she had dropped it, I never thought someone would go in her pram and take if offer her. I’m just glad it was just the phone and Luella was OK, ” she told the Sun.

Even though he was caught on camera, the suspect, and a possible female accomplice, have not been caught. West Lancashire Inspector, Andy Willis, said “This is a despicable offence where it appears that the suspect has deliberately targeted a child knowing the crime would be relatively easy to commit.”

Hopefully they catch this guy soon, and hopefully parents will remain a little closer to their children while shopping. The woman is lucky the man didn’t snatch her daughter.

Source: The Sun via The Mac Observer

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