Try Out BlackBerry 10 On Your iPhone

With all the talk surrounding BlackBerry’s new OS BlackBerry 10, a lot of iPhone and Android users are probably curious as to what exactly the new operating system is like. Because of this, Blackberry has made a website to help iOS and Android users get a feel for how BB10 works and to take a look at the features it includes.

If you head over to while on your mobile device, you’ll get an interactive walkthrough through BlackBerry 10 and its various features. While you won’t be able to have total control like you would on the actual phone, the site walks you through features by having you swipe and navigate the OS using the real motions you would use on a BB10 phone. The walkthrough puts you through real world situations such as having you start a video call and then going off and multi-tasking before then having you come back to the video call.

The demo does a good job at showing off what’s interesting about BB10, and best of all you don’t have to buy a BlackBerry to see it. While the iPhone’s web browser certainly isn’t the best way to experience BlackBerry 10, it may still be a good enough presentation to help sway some users over to the BlackBerry side of life.

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