Gorilla Glass 2 is 20 percent thinner, but just as strong

When I think of Gorillas, two things come to mind: King Kong and iPhones. The first is self explanatory, but the second has something to do with screens. Introduced in the original iPhone, Corning’s Gorilla Glass is “tough, yet beautiful.” In its second iteration, the glass has gotten 20 percent thinner, but maintains its signature strength and scratch resistance. It will help deliver brighter images and improved touch sensitivity.

Announced at CES 2012, GG2’s cut in size will have a major impact on future devices sporting the glass. Take for example the iPhone. If the next iteration uses GG2, that would be 20 percent off the front and the back, essentially making the device both thinner and lighter. Of course, don’t anticipate this only on the iPhone. At CES 2012, the Gorilla Glass 2 has begun appearing on Sony Bravia HDTVs and Motorola’s Droid Razr. Corning even claims that the super-strong glass is used in nearly 600 products, and it expects 2011 Gorilla Glass revenue to top $700 million.

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