Gold iPhone 5S Sold Out In China, Customers Turn To Buying Gold Stickers


What do you do if you want a gold iPhone 5S but they’re all sold? Of course you don’t accept another color, instead, you buy the white model and slap a nice gold $2 sticker on the back of it.

This is what’s been happening as of late in China, as inventory for the highly popular model has been constantly selling out. Thousands of customers have been buying stickers from sites like for as low as $2 in order to make their new phones look gold.

The heightened popularity for the gold model in China comes from the country’s view of the color as a symbol of wealth. While demand for the gold iPhone 5S has been high in the rest of the world as well, China’s numbers clearly show that its citizens are more interested in the device.

Most reviews online for the gold stickers have actually been positive, although with some reviews complaining about their size and color.

If a big gold sticker on the back of your phone sounds like something you want, you can probably find a similar product on a non-Chinese site with a bit of looking.

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