Upgrading Your Mac Pro’s RAM To 128GB Will Cost You All Of The Moneys

Earlier this week we told you that it would soon be possible to upgrade your Mac Pro to have 128GB of RAM, thanks to Transcend’s new 32GB DDR3 modules. Now we know how much that will cost.

$2,480. That’s how much you’ll have to pay if you want to bump your Mac Pro’s RAM up to 128GB. (At least that’s Transcend’s recommended retail price. Retailers could still choose to make it higher or lower.)

Transcend will also be offering a 64GB upgrade kit for $980, which saves you some money off of the $1,200 that Apple charges if you upgrade directly through them.

It doesn’t seem like you can get the new upgrade anywhere just yet, but if your wallet is weighing you down and your Mac Pro’s 64GB of RAM just isn’t cutting it, expect to be able to buy it fairly soon.

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