The GIMP Now Available For OS X Without The X11


The GIMP has been available for OS X for years, right? Sure, but it required you to run the X Window System. That means that the interface was all over the map. Command-Z wouldn’t work, but Control-Z would. Drawing errors on the windows weren’t uncommon, and everything felt like you were running a Linux app on your Mac because that was essentially what was going on. However, we are glad to see that an official Mac port without using the crutch of X11 has finally materialized.

While the GIMP is free (as in freedom and beer), there are slicker solutions already available, and they work wonderfully. Acorn is only $50 USD, and Pixelmator is all the way down to $15 USD. Not only are they great, but they are Mac-only. OS X is a priority for their developers, and we should reward their hard work with cash. While a Mac version of the GIMP is nice, OS X has never been a priority for those developers. That said, you should support the GIMP devs if you prefer their product. They accept donations, so take the time to be a responsible adult, and vote with your dollar.

If you’d like to know all that has happened in the latest releases, you can check the release notes to decide if this is worth your time to install. It’ll only cost you time and 73 MB of bandwidth to try.

Source: GIMP via LifeHacker

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