Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Officially Coming To The Mac


So, you’re excited to play the new Baldur’s Gate remake, right? Stabbing dragons, storming dungeons, and having a good time. Today, we have news that will make your sword-swinging adventures even better — native Mac OS X support. That’s right, Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition will be making its way to Windows, iOS, and Mac OS X.

This isn’t some half-assed port either. The announcement makes it clear that this is developed to use the latest and greatest in OS X. We won’t be stuck in the 4:3 world with this release, and better yet, it will support iCloud. Presumably, that means syncing your save games for play on multiple computers. That also means that the Mac version will be sold through the Mac App Store since that is the only way third party developers can take advantage of that feature.

Are you sold yet? Can’t wait to relive Bioware’s classic game with the benefit of modern machines? Sound off in the comment section, and tell us why you’re excited. Alternately, if you’re hesitant about getting excited, tell us why. You’re going to need to make quite the argument to halt our excitement, though. This is going to be great, and we’ll be covering it all the way through the release this summer.

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