All Realmac Software Is 25-65% Off In The App Store

Realmac Software has discounted all of its Mac apps in the Mac App Store up to 65 percent. Realmac software has created some of the most beautiful Mac and iOS apps on the market including Clear, Rapidweaver and Analog among others. Clear, a to-do list application, Analog, an Instagram like photo editing app, and Courier, an easy file sharing app, are all discounted by 65 percent to $6.99. Little Snapper, a digital scrapbooking application, has had its price sliced by 50 percent, bringing the application to $19.99. RapidWeaver, an iWeb alternative, has been given a humble 25 percent price cut, bringing the price down to a still pricey $59.99.

If Mac apps aren’t your thing, you can grab Clear for iOS for a mere $0.99 (50 percent off). Clear is an awesome and minimal to-do list application. The application offers a super intuitive way of creating, completing and editing tasks using creative gestures and layering. If you decide to purchase Clear for Mac as well, iCloud will automatically sync your to-do lists among all of your iOS devices and Macintosh computers.

These deals will likely last until the App Store freeze ends on December 29th, so act quickly if you want to purchase any Realmac software in the near future.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.