1.2 million MacBook Airs shipped during the 2011 holiday season


DigiTimes is reporting that despite a global setback of 8.7 percent in notebook shipments thanks to hard drive shortages and economic ruin, Apple increased its MacBook Air shipment to 1.2 million in Q4 — up from 1.0 million in Q3. That’s right. While other manufacturers are actually dropping, Apple is picking up some of the slack:

Apple is the only vendor that managed to keep its fourth-quarter notebook shipments staying at the same level recorded in the third quarter, and even saw its shipments of MacBook Air models increase to 1.2 million units in the fourth quarter from one million in the previous quarter.

Not only is the demand for Apple’s computers as high as it has ever been, but thanks to Tim Cook’s business prowess as both COO and CEO, they have their supply chain locked down tight. Apple’s culture of control when it comes to times like these makes a huge difference. Planning ahead, picking the right technologies to jump on, and making substantial investments in those technologies has really paid off handily for Apple. Despite some industry-wide production issues and a stumbling economy, Apple is as strong as the day is long.

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Source: DigiTimes

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