You May Want To Reconsider Shooting Your iPhone With A Laser

So you know those five high-powered lasers you have sitting in your closet? Yeah, you may not want to shoot them at your brand new iPhone 5. Well, unfortunately for YouTube star KipKay, he decided to try it anyway. First, he shot five 1.25w lasers at the iPhone, causing a small hole to be burnt into the screen. And if that wasn’t enough, he put a high powered flashlight on top of the screen, causing the whole phone to melt internally. Yep, it’s pretty safe to say that iPhones, flashlights and lasers don’t mix well.

Luckily for us, KipKay uploaded a video of him doing this to YouTube. If you’d like to watch it, we’ve embedded it above for your viewing pleasure.

Source: KipKay (YouTube) via OS X Daily

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