WWDC 2010: iPhone Video Chat Arrives – FaceTime

Steve Jobs and Apple designer Jonathan Ive share a video chat.

“You know I grew up with the Jetsons… and video calls… and now it’s real. What about you?” Jony: “I grew up with the same thing, and it’s real now!” Steve: “It is real… especially when people turn off their WiFi.” Jony: “We’ve had to wait an awful long time for this to become reality.” Steve: “Okay, let’s have lunch soon.”

This isn’t Skype video (yet), this is iPhone 4 to iPhone 4, so there will be limits. Also it is wifi only, but there are allusions that this is something that Apple will be working on with the networks.

During the presentation the Sam Mendes commercial is played which shows sentimental images of a graduating daughter talking to her mother and two people speaking in sign language.

Jobs then mentioned the very important information that, “Now it’s based on a handful of standards… but this is going to be an open industry standard.”

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