This merciless alarm clock app fights back

In my personal opinion, I don’t believe we should wake up before the sun rises. Regardless, our various jobs, duties, and assignments require us to hop out of the sheets long before Barney and Backyardigans air on TV. Then there is the alarm clock, a mostly-useless device with a snooze button bigger than the clock, that only wakes you up for a couple of seconds. Clearly the alarm clock as we know it is dead.

Thankfully, Pedro Alejandro Wunderlich, creator of Wake N Shake, decided to make a change. Teaming up with his business partner Andres Canella, the two created the merciless alarm clock that only turns off when you shake it.

When you launch the app, you’re greeted by a little alarm person. In the bottom right-hand corner is the add sign that lets you create multiple alarms. Customize them by day, time, and shake intensity. Oh, and the app features some interesting alarm tones including one where the creator does an impersonation of a latin lover.

Shake intensity? Yes my friends. The only way to shut this alarm app off is to shake the living daylights out of it. You can set the shake level to correspond with how deep of a sleeper you are. The meter goes from hard to merciless. Right now, mine is set at painful which is right in the middle. To be even more effective, the alarm makes your home button and volume rocker inactive. In other words, there’s no escaping this one my friends.

To demonstrate what on earth I’m talking about, here’s a video from the creator himself!

The app comes in a free and a paid version for $0.99, so hurry over to the App Store, download Wake N Shake, and start getting up on time. Tell us your experience on here, Twitter, or Facebook. Have fun!

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