Wait! No FaceTime in the Middle East?

If promotional photos are an indicator, which they usually aren’t, then Middle Easterners might have something to gripe about once the iPhone gets released—it appears like FaceTime has been left off the device.

There’s a lot of asinine speculation going on about this one. Some people are saying it’s because the FaceTime girl in the ad doesn’t have on the traditional muslim headdress, also know  as a Hijab. Others are speculating that it might have to do with other cultural sensitivities in the predominately Muslim countries.

We’re not here to provide comment on socio-political and religious debates like this, so we’ll avoid commenting on why we think the ads are missing on the devices, and who’s responsible for the decision. But, keep in mind that a number of Apple advertisements and images on US and other Western sites have been messed up this month as well. Most recently, the sites were announcing 27-inch Cinema Displays that were clearly not available. So, let’s not jump to conclusions here, and let’s certainly not compare this to Google’s censorship in China. They’re two very different things.

Article Via TUAW

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