Vimeo has an official iPhone app

The official Vimeo iPhone app made its way to the App Store on the 29th of March, which is a late, but great move! It has all the expected features to view and upload videos but also a video editor!

The folks at Vimeo have said that the app will enable you to upload, edit, manage and watch your videos all with your iPhone. It will also be an easier way to watch videos, or recommended videos wherever you are.

Millions of users are already devoted to Vimeo and this will be a great additional tool to them. You need to be aware though that this does require a 3GS / 4 iPhone and iOS 4.0 or higher.

Features listed in the app description include a video editor in app with these features:

• Capture video with focus control and grid alignment
• Combine, edit, and trim your videos
• Add transitions, titles, and effects
• Add music and recordings
• Control volume levels
• Save edited videos to your camera roll or upload directly to Vimeo

Also, other features that are part of the generic experience are:

• Watch and manage all your existing Vimeo videos and download them to your camera roll
• Easily upload your raw footage or edited creations in HD or SD
• Pause and resume uploads
• Replace existing videos
• Edit title, description, tags, privacy and credits
• Share with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Email or SMS
• Add your clips to your Groups, Channels and Albums
• Stats on daily plays, likes and comments

You can also

• Watch videos from your Vimeo inbox, Watch Later queue, or videos you have liked
• Easily like, comment and add videos to your Watch Later queue
• Discover new and interesting videos in the Browse tab

They also seem keen to get suggestions for features or things you would like to see, and they offer the email addy so you can contact them.

This is a free app and it is around 20mb of goodness on your phone. It is a first generation app, so it may have a few bumpy bits, but I think it will get better and better and encourage more users to sign up for their service. Good move Vimeo!

Article Via The Next Web

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