[vid] Nissan shows off one of the first iAds

Still wondering how seamless iAds will be on iOS applications? Nissan has put together one of the very first iAds, shown in the video below, and we have to say that we’re a little underwhelmed by what we’re seeing so far.

The advertisement seems to be a glorified website attached to a commercial. If interactivity is both intuitive and ground-breaking, as touted in their video, then Nissan has innovated. But, I have a hard time seeing many people clicking on these ads.

Sure, the advertisements are way better than what we’ve grown accustomed to over the last couple of years, as in they don’t take you out of your application and into a browser, and they certainly minimized the obtrusive behaviour of web advertising.

If anything, iAds is another name for commercial iPhone applications, without the loss of  real estate on your home screen. Instead of a company like Nike developing a stand alone application, which we assume would be modestly successful, they’ll focus their energy on creating an iAD that pretty much looks and feels exactly like an app normally does.

An advertisement by any other name is still an advertisement.

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