Verizon iPhone plans announced [Updated]

During its website relaunch, Apple seems to have included new info on the Verizon iPhone. The pages can be seen here (16 GB) and here (32 GB).

As an existing Verizon user, I walked through adding a 16 GB data plan to my family account. However, the website ended up bombing out on me. Not surprising, since Verizon hasn’t announced the plans officially.

Anyways, here are the details I grabbed before the site gave up:

The “Unlimited iPhone” plan will run users $29.99/month, while unlimited data and a 2 GB 2G Mobile Hotspot addition will cost another $20/month.

The voice and text options are the same as other smartphone plans on Big Red.

The iPhone 4 on Verizon goes on sale to existing Verizon customers on Thursday, February 3, and to the public on Friday, February 11.

Update: The pages now all serve up an error message. Maybe someone at Apple pulled the trigger a little early on this?

Article Via Mac Stories

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