Turn Your iPhone Into A Professional, Portable Scanner With StandScan

The iPhone’s camera comes in handy when you least expect it to, like taking a picture of your mom’s apple pie recipe because you’re too lazy to write it down, or taking a picture of a bank statement so you don’t have to bring the paper with you. With StandScan Pro you can scan these types of things instead of taking grainy, often cut off images of these types of things.

StandScan Pro is the perfect device to turn your iPhone into a professional scanner. There’s no software to download, no drivers to install, and no cables to connect. With the StandScan, you can take high quality scans and photograph objects with nothing more than your smartphone and the Standscan.

It folds flat and snaps into place with magnets for easy portability so you can take it anywhere. The StandScan Pro has all the great features of the StandScan, but also features built-in LED lights on the inside of the device to provide brighter pictures and enhanced image quality.

LED lighting helps to get rid of shadows and produces high quality images and clear scans. StandScan Pro can be used anywhere and anytime, and works during the day and at night. It comes with a standard 9V battery holder, which has a built-in power switch for enhanced portability.

You can get the StandScan for $19.95 or the StandScan Pro for just $10 more at $29.95.

Via Cult of Mac

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