This alarm clock dock is worthy of your iPhone

Millions of iPhone users have replaced their alarm clocks with the trusty iOS device, but like most of them, I too just plug my phone into the cable, and leave my iPhone on my bedside table. I often consider moving my iPhone dock to the table, but man, 100 dB alarms are just a little too much for my mornings.

Turns out The Cdock, originally a Kickstarter startup, has me covered. The Cdock is a simple alarm clock styled dock that does nothing but make your iPhone look like an alarm clock. Partner the Cdock with your favorite alarm clock application and you have yourself the world’s first smartclock. Boom. Alarm Clock 2.0 is upon us, thank god. And damn, this time alarm clocks are looking pretty sexy.

I don’t know about you, but I’m less likely to violently hit the snooze button if my iPhone’s the device doing the chirping in the morning.

The Cdock is handmade in Portland, Oregon, and ranges from $55.00 to $70.00 depending on the model you pick up. You can get it directly from the website.

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