The Lightning Dock Could Be Just The Thing For Your iPhone 5 Dock Needs

One of the bigger disappoints that came with the iPhone 5 release (and no, I’m not talking about Apple Maps) is that, for the first time, Apple isn’t planning to release a dock to go along with it. But don’t worry, the Lightning Dock could be just what you need.

Simple in look and design, the Lightning Dock comes in a hardwood version or either regular or black aluminum and works with or without a case. It depends on the strength of the new Lightning Connector to keep the iPhone supported and upright, though you have the option of getting back support if you want.

You can also charge and sync your iPhone 5 quickly using the new Lightning connector. It even works with the new fifth-generation iPod touch and the cost is pretty reasonable too. The hardwood version of the Lightning Dock costs $24.95 and the aluminum versions cost $10 more. If you also want to include a Lightning cable in the shipment then it will be an additional $20. It ships in 2-3 weeks. Make sure to check out the short video above and photos below too see what the Lightning dock is all about.

Source: The Lightning Dock via Cult of Mac
Image Credit: The Lightning Dock

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