Telenav Introduces Offline Maps For Scout

Telenav, a popular GPS software company, has recently dropped a huge update for their popular Scout GPS navigation software. This update brings a ton of new features to the already feature-packed application, such as offline maps and voice recognition. In order to use offline maps, you’ll need to download a portion of the US to your iOS device, whether it be the west coast, central or east coast. As of now these maps can only be downloaded over Wi-Fi, as they’re pretty large files. If you want offline maps as well as Scout’s other premium features, which include voice recognition, voice guidance, speed trap alerts and advanced traffic info, expect to drop $9.99 per year or $2.99 per month. And yes, Scout will continue to offer their online-only counterpart for free.

While I think Scout for iOS is great for now, iOS 6 is right around the corner. iOS 6 is bringing full featured turn-by-turn navigation to the Maps app so users may not find Scout necessary. However, users of the iPhone 4 and 3GS will really benefit from Scout, as they’re not receiving turn-by-turn with iOS 6 because of performance issues.

Now that you’ve heard the facts, what do you think of Scout for iOS? Will you be subscribing, or will you wait for iOS 6? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Engadget

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