Square Enix bringing two more Final Fantasy games to iPhone

Siliconera reports that Japanese manga magazine V-Jump revealed that Square Enix, the game publisher behind such role playing game franchises as Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Dragon Quest, is now bringing two Final Fantasy RPGs to the iPhone later this year. The first is a new game called Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, which was announced last year and will be released sometime in the spring. Coming with it will be a port of the classic game Final Fantasy III.

Originally released in Japan in 1990 as a 2D game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (or Famicom as it was known in Japan), it was later remade for the Nintendo DS in North America in 2006 with updated 3D graphics and overhauled characters and game mechanics. It’s most likely that this version will be coming to the iPhone.

To add to the confusion, in 1994 Final Fantasy VI for the Super Nintendo was also released in North America with the moniker Final Fantasy III, but this is not that game.

With these two forthcoming releases, there will be a total of four Final Fantasy games on the iPhone. Available now are the first two installments in the series, the classics Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II.

Article Via Joystiq

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