Sprint Posts Q2 2013 Numbers, 1.4 Million iPhones Sold

Sprint, an American telecom, has posted its Q2 2013 earnings numbers. The company operated as a loss this quarter, losing a hefty $847 million. Though sales were slightly down, Spring managed to sell 1.4 million iPhones during the quarter, down 100,000 from last quarter. However, the good news is is that 41% of these iPhone sales were to new Sprint customers. This is good news for Apple as it continues to bring in new users. If you’d like to hear these numbers for yourself, you can listen to Sprint’s conference call on their website.

Sprint is an American telecom that is owned by SoftBank, a Japanese telecom. The company offers a wide variety of smartphones on an LTE and WiMAX network throughout the United States. Aside from just offering contracted smartphone plans under the Sprint name, it also operates various subsidiaries such as Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Assurance Wireless, and Clear.

Sprint started to offer the iPhone back in 2011 when the iPhone 4S was unveiled. As of now, Sprint is one of the only US carriers to offer iPhones with unlimited data plans. The company also offers the iPad with Retina Display and iPad mini on prepaid plans.

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