Some iOS 6 Features Not Available In Every Country, Apple Posts List Of Feature Availability By Region

A lot of people are looking forward to iOS 6, set to release on September 19, but not everyone who gets it will be able to enjoy all of the features that come with it. Apple has put together a list detailing the regional availability of certain iOS 6 features, so we can all know what we’ll be getting and what will be missing.

Apple broke the list of available features into categories: Maps, Siri, iTunes Store, Dictation, and App Store. The countries available for each feature are then listed.

While the lists of countries with access to Standard Maps and Satellite Maps is pretty long, the list for Traffic Maps and Turn-By-Turn Navigation is quite small. The most exclusive iOS 6 feature, though, is 3D Buildings, which is only available in the U.S.

Overall, Siri availability is pretty low with Siri’s Sports, Local Search, Twitter, Facebook, Movies, and Restaurant Features limited to just a handful of countries. iTunes Movies and Music are available in a number of countries, but TV Shows are pretty limited. Dictation support is now available in 15 countries.

These lists are likely to grow as Apple signs more content deals outside of the U.S., but until then be sure to check Apple’s list to see which features you can take advantage of, and which you’ll be missing out on.

Source: Apple via The Mac Observer and Electronista 
Image Credit: TechnoBuffalo

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