Skype finally lets us make calls over 3G—until August

It’s finally happened. US iPhone owners can now make Skype-to-Skype calls over the 3G network. I’d completely forgotten that we were waiting for this functionality. That’s how long it’s been. Turns out we couldn’t until yesterday. Skype’s decided to allow access through an update to their application, but only until sometime in August. At that point we’re going to be charged a small fee to use their service. Anyone else see a problem with this? I currently have a Skype out account. I pay for a dataplan through my telecommunications company (Rogers), and somehow, somewhere down the line, they’re wanting to charge me again for the same service?

Yeah, like I’m going to signup for that service. What a joke. If you’re looking to be extorted yet again, you can pick up the updated Skype application in the AppStore. It’s free — for now.

Can someone please explain to me how paying for a dataplan and paying for a voice plan doesn’t somehow cover a skype call? Seems to me like data would, you know, be taken care of by my dataplan.  Considering I pay for a 6GB plan, and rarely break 150mb per month, it would seem like I have quite a bit of data to spare.

Article via 9 to 5 Mac

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