Rumour: iPhone 5S To Be In Mass Production By Early 2013, Trial Run Beginning This December

For anyone that has already grown bored of their new iPhone 5 after just two months, you’re in luck! The Chinese newspaper Commercial Times is reporting that Apple plans to begin production on the iPhone 5S starting this December.

The report claims Apple wants to begin production on its next phone as soon as possible to help reduce supply problems like the ones they have faced with the recent Phone 5 release. Apple would start with a trial production run of 50,000 to 100,000 units beginning this December before ramping up to mass production for early 2013.

It is questionable as to whether the source reporting these facts can be trusted as they have been wrong in the past, having predicted that the iPhone 5 was going to come out this past June.

If Apple does decide to break its routine and choose to release the next iPhone within less than a year, it will be interesting to see how the swarms of people that just bought the iPhone 5 react to the news. My guess would be not too well, considering the annoyance that was displayed by people who purchased the third-generation iPad just months before Apple released the fourth generation iPad.

Image Credit: The Telegraph

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