Rumor: iPhone 5 reaches final “AP” testing stages, almost ready for September launch

Redmond Pie is reporting that Apple has entered the final testing phases with the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S), which means that the new phone is a near-final prototype. The phone is apparently being passed around by the big wig executives at major carriers in an attempt to eliminate any final bugs and flaws with the device before going into full production.

The original source, cited over at the blog 9to5 Mac, believes that Apple and Verizon still haven’t managed to ‘strike a deal’ to bring FaceTime over 3G and 4G to the masses, not that FaceTime over 3G would prevent the phone from shipping, should it be ready for a September launch.

While the source managed to outline a timeline for testing and shipment, there has been no definitive announcement on what the phone will look like. Many believe it will look exactly like the iPhone 4, and that it will carry the iPhone 4S moniker, instead of being referred to as the iPhone 5.

Should the phone be making its way around the carrier offices, we fully expect to see the rumors and leaks start to ramp up over the next couple of months.

Article Via Redmond Pie

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