Rumor: No Free-With-Contract iPhone 4 From Sprint


Were you looking at getting a free-with-contract iPhone 4 from Sprint now that the iPhone 5 is out? Well, 9to5Mac has been sent some evidence, supposedly from internal Sprint channels, that indicates that while the iPhone 5 and 4S will be sold at the prices we anticipate (5: $199 for 16 GB, $299 for 32 GB, $399 for 64 GB; 4S: $99 for 16 GB, $199 for 32 GB, and $299 for 64 GB), the iPhone 4 will be discontinued on September 21st: the iPhone 5’s release day.

While it seems that AT&T and Verizon will continue to sell the product, this is some very strange news from Sprint. That said, you can head right to the online Apple Store, and order a free-with-contract Sprint iPhone. As it stands, it remains unclear if this will be isolated to Sprint stores, or if it will be discontinued on Apple’s website as well. Hell, it might not event be true. It’s always important to remember that even if a rumor looks very convincing, it shouldn’t be believed until it is officially announced by the applicable party. We’ll know soon enough.

If you’re worried about losing the capability later, you should probably pull that trigger now, Sprint users. Then again, when you do the math on how much money you’ll be spending on your two-year contract, you might as well splurge and get an iPhone 5.

Source: 9to5Mac
Image Credit: Apple

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