Rumor: Apple to announce iPhone 5 at the end of June

Reports out of Korea aren’t suggesting that the iPhone 5 will be announced at the end of June; they’re stating it as fact.

ETNews believes that Apple will be focusing on software at WWDC, like the rumors suggest, but that Apple will also be holding a special media event to announce the iPhone shortly after the conference at the end of June. ETNews has also reported that SK Telecom and KT will both be getting the phone upon announcement.

Here’s where it all goes belly up

Despite ETNews’ claim that Apple is the source of their rumor, reports from last month have suggested that a fall release was more likely. Apple doesn’t exactly leak rumors to journalists, unless maybe you’re John Gruber or Jim Dalrymple, so we doubt that anyone actually fed ETNews insider information. Secondly, the original report published on ETNews was published on April 1st, which means it’s highly likely that this is a hoax.

That being said, I can’t help but hold out hope that the iPhone 5 will be announced this summer. My iPhone 3G is barely holding on at this point.

Article Via TiPb and MacLife
Photo Credit: CNET

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