New report says white iPhone 4 coming in April

According to a new report over at AppleInsisder, Apple is just about ready to ship its unicorn white iPhone 4.

Concord Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has told the site that a GSM-based white iPhone will show up in April, as Apple has solved the white paint issues that supposedly led to the endless delays of the white iPhone.

AppleInsider points to the white iPad as evidence that Apple has this thing figured out. However, the rumored problems were concerning the white paint causing issues with the rear camera. With its aluminum back, the iPad 2 doesn’t have this situation. That said, if the rear-facing camera’s quality did actually suffer from the white paint allowing light in, it stands to reason the front camera also had issues.

At this point, I wonder if a white iPhone 4 is even worth it. I know several people who wanted it, but gave up waiting months ago.

Article Via AppleInsider

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