Popcap releases game “packs” for iPhone Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies, the successful tower defence game from Popcap, has added a little more to their iPhone version of the game by offering new game types that were previously only available on other devices/platforms. The new game types come in “packs” of three, each of which can be purchased for $0.99 on the App Store

Game Pack #3

  • Walnut Bowling 2: Knock ‘em dead in this killer twist to an old favorite sport.
  • Seeing Stars: Unravel the mystery of the star-shaped pattern.
  • Bobsled Bonanza: Melt the ice and defeat bobsledders and Zombonis in this frosty battle.

Game Pack #4

  • Invisi-Ghoul: Test your prowess to take on invisible zombies.
  • Last Stand: Not your average day at the pool!
  • ZomBotany 2: Hybrid zombies sport plant heads and abilities to up the challenge ante.

Game Pack #5

  • Beghouled Twist: An homage to Bejeweled Twist, this mash-up requires match-3 skill.
  • Pogo Party: Crash the pogo party of your roof!
  • Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick: Get ready to move faster than ever!

Touch Arcade also pointed out a neat little treat from Popcap:

In a fun twist that I’m sure certain crowds are going to love, the studio is allowing users to spend $.99 three times in exchange for oodles (read: 100,000) of in-game coins. Naturally, you can exchange these coins in return for these packs — or presumably whatever else you want, including new plants or slots — from the in-game shop that Crazy Dave runs.

Plants vs. Zombies was something of a coup for Popcap; one of the most successful games they’ve released to date (buoyed by Twitter accolades from celebrities like Felicia Day) and continues to be one of the most positively-reviewed titles from the App Store. It’s also available on Steam for Macintosh and from the App Store for iPad, and each version has its own special features, game types and extras. There’s even a web version that’s free and has some treats of its own. A merciless but awesome time-killer.

Source: Touch Arcade

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