New Images Of Alleged iPhone 5 Logic Board Shows A6 Chip, Qualcomm LTE Modem, Hynix Flash Memory

Over the past month or so, photos have been going around showing what was allegedly the iPhone 5’s logic board and the A6 chip that will be used in the iPhone 5. Now, new photos have been posted by Italian blog that show the iPhone 5 logic board in even greater detail, including the A6 chip and other chips on the board.

Besides the A6 chip, these photos show that the Qualcomm chip, which can be found opposite the nano-SIM tray from the A6, is the MDM9615M modem and is “probably a quad-core processor”, according to This Qualcomm chip has been speculated as the chip that will supply LTE compatibility for the iPhone 5.

On the other side of the logic board, there is a flash memory from Hynix, as well as a number of other chips from Murata, Skyworks, and Avago. These chips will support functions like Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, power amplification, gyroscope/accelerometer, and more. It’s been rumored that Apple is working to be cut Samsung out if its list of parts suppliers, and the presence of the Hynix flash memory is sure to fuel this rumor.

Source: via BGR via Mac Rumors
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