Missed FlappyBird Mania? Play FlappyDoge in Your Browser (Amaze.)

I can honestly say that I have never played FlappyBird. (I never played Candy Crush, either. Threes, on the other hand…) If you downloaded FlappyBird, you can still play it, but those of us who didn’t are out of luck. Luckily, we still have FlappyDoge.

As its name suggests, FlappyDoge is a browser-based version of the game everyone loves to grumble about (OK, I get it—you got a low score), except it features the meme everyone loves to mimic.

Wanna play? Head on over to Dogetek. I managed a high score of all of…two.

Wow. Such game. Very low score. Much flapping. Many pipes. So doge. Amaze.

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