MarkdownMail for your iPhone—a review

Have you ever wanted to send HTML emails from your iOS device? If your answer to this question is Yes, then MarkdownMail is exactly what you are looking for. All you need to know is the text formatting syntax of Markdown. The App is quite simple and straightforward. It consists of an editor, a preview and an email compose view.

The editor is basically a text input field, where you add your content and style it using the Markdown syntax. It supports iOS-standard copy/cut/paste, but that’s about it. Unfortunately, there isn’t any syntax support. No help with syntax input or check. You need to know Markdown in order to style your HTML email. Fortunately, the preview is quite fast, even with large emails, containing images.

When you are done styling your content, you can bring up the good old iOS compose view, which you know from the Mail App. It lets you choose the mail account that you want the email to be sent from and it adds your signature. You cannot not only send the email from here, but also make some final changes or save it as a draft.

MarkdownMail has one downside: you must know the Markdown syntax in order to use this App in a reasonable way. Unfortunately, the App doesn’t have any ambitions to help you in any way to style your email. The syntax help is a mere link to the Markdown specification, which is not very user-friendly.

Overall, Markdown Mail is fast and easy to use. It is fully iOS4 compatible and comes with retina display support on iPhone/iPod touch. The App does exactly what it promises.

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