Make Your iPhone Clear With This Body Modification

If you like the look and feel of iOS, but aren’t a fan of the iPhone 5’s design, the folks at iPhone 5 Mod have you covered. The company has recently started to offer body mod kits for the iPhone 5 that replace the metal back with a translucent plastic. You can purchase the clear back with a colored tint that’s available in 7 different colors. If you’d like, you can purchase multiple color kits to mix and match the top, middle and bottom portions of your iPhone’s back panel. The kit not only includes a translucent back, but a translucent SIM card tray and button set as well. Once installed, you can see your iPhone 5’s internals in all of its glory.

Why would you want to install a plastic back on your iPhone anyway? While I wouldn’t personally do this to my phone, some people may not like how scratchable the metal back panel of the iPhone 5 is and want to replace it with something a bit more durable. Others may just like the look or want a lighter iPhone 5.

If you’d like a clear back panel for your iPhone 5, you’ll have to drop $39.90 for the kit on iPhone 5 Mod’s website. Also, since iPhone 5 Mod doesn’t offer any type of installation service, you’ll have to take apart your iPhone and do it yourself. This is why we wouldn’t recommend this kit to anyone who isn’t comfortable working with a screwdriver.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.