Lonely Planet City Guide Paris

Eiffel TowerPreparing for a trip with my wife to Paris, I downloaded the Lonely Planet City Guide Paris. The “Offline Maps” feature caught my attention, but the reason for me to buy this App was that it offers lots of useful information together with offline maps and navigation.

The Lonely Planet City Guides come with a lot of useful information, both for planning your trip in advance, and also when you are on the road, e.g., when ordering lunch or buying tickets for public transportation. There’s endless information about history, the arts and shopping. You’ll find opening hours for sights, which I found to be all up-to-date and correct.

Besides all the information, the App really starts to shine when using the offline maps navigation feature! Imagine you are standing near the Eiffel Tower, looking for a place to eat. Simply open the Lonely Planet App and it’ll find your location and display restaurants and bars in your area. In addition to that, it’ll give you information on the menu and prices – everything without requiring an internet connection.

I can fully recommend this App to you, however there are a couple of downsides, which need to be mentioned: every time you close the App, you’ll have to start all over again. If you lock your phone while navigation is in progress, the next time you unlock, it doesn’t update your location anymore. These seem to be small issues, but they can get quite annoying when using the App all day long.

The Lonely Planet City Guide Paris offers lots of useful information and a handy tool for navigating through one of the most famous cities in the world.

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