Korea cellphone provider to offer CDMA iPhone?

Reports that Korean cellphone manufacturer LG Uplus Corp. is allegedly in talks with Apple to offer a CDMA version of the iPhone to their market surfaced on Friday via The Korea Herald.

The report states a simple change in the iPhone’s electronic circuits are all that is required to create a CDMA-compatible model. LG Uplus is supposedly in negotiation with Apple to make this change in the iPhone circuitry. The Korea Herald article states that a document is available on the LG Uplus website quoting LG senior vice president Choi Joo-sick and confirming these negotiations. Macgasm is unable to authenticate this document’s existence at this time, due to the LG Uplus website being in Korean with no translation available.

LG Uplus is the smallest wireless provider in Korea, with a net profit of 7.2 billion in the July-September period. They control 14.9 percent of Korea’s wireless market, while competitor SK Telecom Co. controls 50.7 percent. However, KT. Corp, Korea’s exclusive carrier of the iPhone, controls 31.4 percent. Market share was calculated by the Korean government.

LG Plus claims its market share and earnings decreased year-over-year due to higher marketing budgets in an effort to stay relevant in the burgeoning smartphone market.

Can you confirm that Apple is in negotiations to offer a CDMA iPhone via LG Plus? Email us or leave your thoughts in the comments!

Article Via The Korea Herald

Photo Credit: LG Plus logo, Telecoms Korea.

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