Know Your Environment With Lapka For iPhone

Lapka, a Russian company, recently announced a set of “Personal Environment Monitors”.┬áThese monitors all interface with your iOS device to tell you about your surroundings, whether it be the temperature or how organic an apple is. Four monitors are included with the set: Organic, EMF, Radiation and Humidity/Temperature. The organic sensor can be stuck into a fruit or vegetable and will tell you how much nitrogen is in said fruit or vegetable. The EMF sensor will show you the amount and intensity of electromagnetic fields around you. The radiation sensor shows the amount of radiation around you while the Humidity/Temperature sensor will show you the current temperature as well as the humidity percentage.

Lapka’s sensors interface with your iPhone via the included application. Each sensor connects to your device via the headphone jack. The application itself is very well designed and allows you to view a ton of information on everything you measure. Once you’ve measured your surroundings, feel free to send it to a friend via your favorite social networks or even a good ol’ fashion email. Lapka’s web view looks almost identical to the app, so you can show off how organic your lunch was in style.

As for the sensors themselves, they look pretty darn good. The sensors feature a gorgeous wood and plastic finish that looks pretty durable. If you’d like to pick up a set of these sensors for yourself, expect to drop a pretty $220 USD. While I think Lapka is a really cool idea, it may be taken as more of a novelty than anything else. The sensors, while they may look nice, don’t really serve a purpose to the general public. You can purchase the Lapka now via Lapka’s website.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.