Kariosoft releases another town simulator game in Japan, you need it

Oh boy, do we want this. It’s no secret we love Game Dev Story and Grand Prix Story. Kariosoft, the studio behind those cutesy addiction-fests has released a new town simulator in Japan. It’s called Zaibatsu Towns and annoying it’s region locked with no indication as to whether it’ll make it to western territories.

Why is this a big deal? Just look at the above screenshot. It’s typical Kariosoft, but in a setting that the simulation genre is suited for.  There’s a cute art style and heavy attention to detail hiding the game’s complex mechanics. The Sim City port on iOS is underwhelming due to difficult iPhone controls, and the genre is crying out for Kariosoft’s expertise.

Will it see a release? Sadly, perhaps not. This isn’t the studio’s first foray into Sim City-esque gaming. They’ve already released a similar city simulator, Edo Town, several months ago and that’s still nowhere to be seen.

Let us know if you’re located in Japan and have managed to play it. Still, it’s good to see the studio so active.

Via: Touch Arcade

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