iSignOn — Now free in the App Store

If you missed my review of iSignOn for the iPhone and iPod Touch, this is a good time to check it out. I received an email from Umut Topkara, one of the developers, over the weekend, and he had some really interesting news for me: iSignOn is now completely free. If you’re interested in trying out some really cool signature recognition software, this is your chance to get your paws on it for $0.00.

Umut also let me know that the dev team is in the process of making the next version of the application that will incorperate the feedback they’ve received from version one. I really appreciate the work that these folks have put into making a really great app. Let’s show them some love, and leave some reviews and ratings on the App Store.

Also, you should check out the interview I did with Dr. Nasir Memon from NYU. He discusses the technology behind this really cool app.

Photo Credit: Jemal

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